Hellooo and good…day?

So I decided that I want to be a bit less “picky”about my reading choices.I want to be able to pick a book and read it without judging it before hand.So I picked up a book by Jodi Picoult and now I’m going to try and guess what it’s about by looking at the cover only.Here it goes.

I’ve read enough of Jodi Picoult’s books to know that most of them are a bit …sad and they make you think and whatnot .

The cover has some writing:

“You love your baby but you just can’t cope with being a mother.WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”

So straight away I’m thinking teen pregnancy.I’m guessing the mom left the dad and the kid.Or it’s not teen pregnancy.It could be divorce,divorce happens a lot.When you get married there’s a 50% chance of divorce.


The books called  “Harvesting the heart.”

“To harvest”means.

gerund or present participle: harvesting

gather (a crop) as a harvest.

synonyms: gather in, gather, bring in, take in; More

catch or kill (animals) for human consumption.

And we all know what a heart is ..right?

There’s obviously no crops involved except this is a book about farmers.If it is I will probably be returning it so fingers crossed.

If it’s got nothing to do with crops it’s”gathering the heart”.So obviously if your gathering something It has to be apart.So the mom definitely left (Iptheres a 50% chance she did 😉) and she is probably going to come back and try to find her self or something like that.

Well that’s  all I’ve got. 🙃

Let me know what you think.Or if you’ve read the book.

Xoxo B


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