Don’t hate me after you read these.

  • I never finished the last book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.
  •  I don’t like Ginny from Harry Potter.*
  • I don’t ship Tris and Four.
  • I pronounced Four’s real name (Tobias) like Tow-Be-As till I watched the movie

  • I never finished the fault in our stars.It got way too sad for me.

*I really wanted Hermione to get with Harry.Not Ginny…😑😒


5 thoughts on “5 book confessions

  1. So I’m on board most of the way here. Never finished Mockingjay. Lost steam and interest about a third of the way through. Don’t like Ginny either. She just got way to Supergirl in book 6. Fault in our Stars? Got half way and felt too manipulated. Liked Tris and Four until the movie came out and I knew how Four pronounced his name because I’ve watched Oz far too many times. On the last one, I kept hoping Ginny would die in the final fight but Hermione still belongs with Ron 🙂

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