So you’ve finished reading the Harry Potter series and now your in that phase of deciding what comes next.Well here’s my top 5 choice of books to read after you’ve finished exploring the wonderful world of Hogwarts with Harry,Ron and Hermione.

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1.Percy Jackson and the Olympians and bonus(!) when your done you can tackle the Heroes of Olympus series.

2.The Hunger Games Trilogy

3.The Gallagher Girls

4.The Uglies Trilogy

5.The Legend series

Don’t worry I’ll be re-reading all of these and then posting reviews!

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3 thoughts on “What To Read Next: 5 books to read after Harry Potter

    1. I found the best quote ever.It was like”The problem with a good book is that you want to finish it but you don’t want it to end.” that was literally me when I read HP.So I get it.The uglies is awesome .have you finished the series it Soo good.😀


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