Author:Rick Riordan
Cover artist:John Rocco (from 2006 or 2007)
Country:United States
Genre:Fantasy and adventure, children’s fiction
Publisher:Disney Hyperion (early volumes originally Miramax Books)
Media type:Print (hardcover and paperback), audiobook, e-book
Followed by The Heroes of Olympus

Want to find out my final thoughts on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series?

My Thoughts

This is definitely one of my favourite book series.The books only get better!The relationships between the characters in the series get stronger as well as the relationships between the characters and the readers.New characters being introduced constantly just makes it all more interesting.Kudos to the author for actually surprising me.I try to guess what is going to happen  but I fail each time.We can see the characters change from scared kids to brave heroes and hint of romance in the series is enough to make us giggle but isn’t so much that it becomes more about the romance than the world ending.Also the balance of Greek Mythology and the modern world was perfect.

Overall: This book series is definitely a must read




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